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About Us

Dedicated to delivering quick clean reliable filtered information through Internet data search, StopDog.com began as a research project in 1999 and evolved into a state of the art high performance search engine utilizing proprietary text filtering technology to provide Internet material to content minded organizations and individuals. Stopdog receives over 2 million queries per year.

Employing some of the best programmers and web developers from around the world, StopDog is a premier search engine of choice for individuals, educators, institutions and corporations desiring access to the world-wide-web in a safe environment. We are proud of our commitment to our users and are constantly striving to improve our functionality.

It is the policy of StopDog to filter out material which is not suited for general audiences. We make no judgments on an individual's right to the material he or she chooses to research or the hobbies or interests in which that person may rightfully endevour. In that same spirit of freedom, we choose to express our right in determining what we feel is the most suitable material we are comfortable displaying and the subject matter which most represents our audience. Relying on current filtering systems, some websites or subject matter may seem unfairly addressed. This may be due to sites which use similar words or phrases to promote objectionable material. We are working on program applications to distinguish between what is legitimate and what i
s not. We make no discrimination with regard to the rights of an individual or organization protected by the laws of the United States including Race, Religion, Political or Sexual orientation.

A note to parents:

Always assist your children when searching the web using any search engine including StopDog.

StopDog is not just a hand built limited directory of human viewed websites. StopDog is a powerful Internet search engine which crawls the web for material it's software applications deem appropriate for viewership. Because the web is a constanlty changing enviorment of billions of webpages, a small number of inapropriate websites may and sometimes do slip through the filtering process. We constanlty strive to improve StopDog Filtered Search Engine Results.

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Our main office is located in Saratoga Springs, Utah.
If you are interested in joining the StopDog.com team, please e-mail your resume to admin@stopdog.com